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What would you NOT do...

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Being frugal is different for most people. What certain things will you NOT do that you've heard of other people doing. My list that I won't do is:

* While I do reuse ziplock bags to a point, I will not wash them out to reuse them if they've held food. It simply grosses me out.

*I use enough toilet paper so that I don't get ANYTHING on my hands.

* I wash my hands with enough soap to get a good lather.

* I use my dishwasher ~ but make sure it's completely full.

* I LOVE long baths & showers. What's the point of being stingy with the things you love if you can afford to pinch pennies elsewhere?

* I do shop for new clothes (b/c I hate the clothes that I find & can hardly ever find nice stuff in my size at the thrift stores), but I also ONLY buy things that I LOVE on me & then wear them until they no longer fit or they are rags!

* I refuse to buy things that would endanger my family OR would need to be replaced anytime in the next few years...

Those are the tops of my list. What's the top of yours?

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WOW!! So many different personalities! It just goes to show! Seeing some of what ya'll wrote has made me realize there are a few more things I wouldn't do...

*I won't lie, cheat, steal
*Government assistance, would only be if we absolutely had to, was on it when I was a single parent when I was going to school w/a brand new baby & we were completely off of it by the time he was 3. Haven't needed it since, thank God!
*I wouldn't mind hankies rather than kleenex (or toilet paper) but will not absolutely, will not!!! give up my tp!!! It gives me the heebeegeebees!!! LOL
*Will not wear used shoes, as my feet have to have good support or I will not be able to walk as my feet will be crippled with pain.
*will not wear cloth pads. Cannot wear tpn's wish I could but they make me sick when I wear them...
*will not dumpster dive for food. :dis: :puke:
*will not wear used underclothing... ick & have to have support!!! & it's not like I can donate what I use b/c I wear it out til it's completely dead lol..

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