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What would you NOT do...

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Being frugal is different for most people. What certain things will you NOT do that you've heard of other people doing. My list that I won't do is:

* While I do reuse ziplock bags to a point, I will not wash them out to reuse them if they've held food. It simply grosses me out.

*I use enough toilet paper so that I don't get ANYTHING on my hands.

* I wash my hands with enough soap to get a good lather.

* I use my dishwasher ~ but make sure it's completely full.

* I LOVE long baths & showers. What's the point of being stingy with the things you love if you can afford to pinch pennies elsewhere?

* I do shop for new clothes (b/c I hate the clothes that I find & can hardly ever find nice stuff in my size at the thrift stores), but I also ONLY buy things that I LOVE on me & then wear them until they no longer fit or they are rags!

* I refuse to buy things that would endanger my family OR would need to be replaced anytime in the next few years...

Those are the tops of my list. What's the top of yours?

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Hmmmm...let's much time you got?? :call:...haha!

First off I could never use little washable fabric squares in place of toilet paper that I've heard of on other boards. :screwy: To me that's where I would draw the line, kwim? YUK!

I know that many people will swear that generics are no different than name-brands. I'm sorry, but there's very few things that I've tried that can match national brands. And like lisaflex said about tissues and TP is VERY true, and I'll add fem products to that also.

Another thing I won't skimp on is paint. We had to cover lipstick red, and deep purple walls with turquoise in my oldest's room. We bought Valspar with the primer already in it, and it literally covered those colors with one coat. I was so happy for my hubby's back! :cheergrl: So, so worth the extra $$. Now Behr also makes this type of paint, but heard it doesn't do as well. (just fyi)

Since for the 1st time in our lives, we actually have "better" furniture, I won't skimp on good wood care products. I can't think of the name of the product, but I get it in Lowe's, and it also has UV protection in it. That's a big plus for this Fl sun.

I have no problem buying used clothes in good shape. But garage sales around here are not often very good, and the thrift shops are getting higher and higher in prices. So I stick to the "deep" clearance sales, and everyone always looks nice enough. With teenagers, it gets pretty tough with the clothes they want. So it's been my challenge to get them what they want, but at affordable prices. Kohls has been my best friend for that. At least for the girls! :vibes:

well, there's more, but for now that'll do it! Somehow I always manage to talk way too! :jabber:

Fun topic!

Theresa :choco:
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Okay, it's true, dire situations will probably change anybody's standards. First of all, I won't allow anyone in my family to go hungry. If I knew of someone who was hungry, I'd do my best to "set them up" also. My "pride" would crumble fast in the face of hunger, and would seek help by any legal means. I don't see myself hunting either, but learning to fish wouldn't hurt me at all.

When my hubby lost his job in 2000, I had $70 a week to cover ALL household/food expenses for the 6 of us. Because of the "tricks of the trade" I learned on-line, we made it w/o any government help, except of course, unemployment benefits. For this, I do thank God for His guidance. But, but, but....if push came to shove, if I had no family to help us, I would go and get gov help. I wouldn't like it, but I'd still use my "frugal knowledge", exactly as I do now. And yup! I'd be making those fabric squares in place of TP too! :blush: Many on FV, and other frugality boards get FS, and don't treat it as a hand-out, but rather a temporary "helping hand". It could easily be anyone of us. It happened to us once, it could happen again!

Sorry so long :jabber:(as usual, lol :)) !!!!

Theresa :queen2:
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