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What would you NOT do...

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Being frugal is different for most people. What certain things will you NOT do that you've heard of other people doing. My list that I won't do is:

* While I do reuse ziplock bags to a point, I will not wash them out to reuse them if they've held food. It simply grosses me out.

*I use enough toilet paper so that I don't get ANYTHING on my hands.

* I wash my hands with enough soap to get a good lather.

* I use my dishwasher ~ but make sure it's completely full.

* I LOVE long baths & showers. What's the point of being stingy with the things you love if you can afford to pinch pennies elsewhere?

* I do shop for new clothes (b/c I hate the clothes that I find & can hardly ever find nice stuff in my size at the thrift stores), but I also ONLY buy things that I LOVE on me & then wear them until they no longer fit or they are rags!

* I refuse to buy things that would endanger my family OR would need to be replaced anytime in the next few years...

Those are the tops of my list. What's the top of yours?

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I'm with krbs on this one..... it all depends on how dire the circumstances are.... I'd like to say that I wouldn't eat the cat, but if my kids were starving and there was no food, would I feed them the cat?? :toothy:

If we are staying on the casual/norm side of things....

there are very few things that I absolutley will NOT do -

I would never take a government handout - aka: foodstamps
I would never take a government handout - aka: medicaid
I would never take a government handout - aka: WIC
I would never take a government handout - aka: prepaid cell
I would never take a government handout - aka:utility assistance
I would never take a government handout - aka: sec 8 housing

I would be more comfortable dumpster diving, washing out my baggies, and bleaching my 2nd hand bras than to do any of the above... but that's just me. :D
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Ok I just have to tease you on this one, would you eat the cat before you would accept food stamps? :hungry: Only teasing!
Do I get to pick which cat?

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ohhhh, seriously though - that's something to add to my list -

(the gun thread made me think of this one)

I would never go hunting.
(but I'm assuming my hubby would hunt before he accepted food stamps)

::::: going to ask him now:::::
ok, I'm back -

so hubby's answer is:

He would hunt his food before he accepted food stamps, but he would accept food stamps before he ate the cat.

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sorry, computer died while I was trying to add to my last post - and now it's too late to edit....

I was going to add:

I personally couldn't hunt/kill my food, but since hubby is stuck with me, I'll live off his ability to hunt for food, thus no food stamps -

but assuming he's not around to feed me (after being shot by someone from the gun thread) - I think I'd rather ask for food at local churchs, still holding out on government assistance as a last option - but I'd accept food stamps before I ate the cat - he'd be too chewy anyway.
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I'm hoping that my comments aren't offensive to anyone - they weren't intended to be. Nor were they directed at anyone.

These were just my answers - these are the things that I personally wouldn't do -

I wash out ziploc baggies, but I'm not offended by those that think it's gross.

I buy 2nd hand shoes, but I'm not offended by those that think it's a bad idea.

For me, having to rely on the government is the bottom of the barrel - and trust me, it's not for lack of finding ourselves scraping at the bottom of that barrel in times past - it's just my personal point of view. I'm not here to judge anyone else -
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ohhhh, there's another one right there!

I won't give up my washing machine.

but I can give up the dryer.
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You are cracking me up!! It is good you and hubby are on the same page.:tay: (if you and hubby get tired of cat, send me a pm and I might be tired of dog by then)

I think shelties may leave too much hair in your teeth, sorta like corn on the cob.

the golden on the other hand.................................................
the goldens are pretty athletic, though, won't that mean they'll be tough? *eyes the fat lazy lhasa apso....*
I think I could give up disposable fem products, I think. Don't know that anyone else would ever do the laundry again besides me though -

same goes with cloth TP - I think I could do it - if I really had to - but come on.... store brand TP just isn't that expensive -

I think I'd rather use napkins from a fast food resturant - OH, or better yet - what if I just leave my house and go to the restroom in public?? that uses their water AND their TP!!!

/kidding people, just kidding.

Although - my MIL works for a large drug store chain - and she has several stories of an older lady coming in for the pharmacy & putting rolls of TP from the restroom in her purse.

MIL didn't stop her.
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I always find these thread interesting. For example, I already use cloth feminine pads and hankies for blowing my nose, but I don't want to turn the heat down or take a shorter shower. It just goes to show you that everyone has their own little quirks.
I agree 100%
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I re-use zip lock freezer bags all the time and wouldn't dream of throwing them away after just one use. We're vegan so I don't have to worry about meat being in them.

I would use cloth tp. After all, I grew up using pages from the Sears catalog so I could handle cloth. DD already uses cloth fem. pads. I don't need them now. I don't like cloth hankies though!

I would hate to give up my blender and Bosch bread mixer. I can make good bread by hand if I need to though. DS is planning to rig up a bike-powered blender for me if we ever can't afford electricity.
I don't like to be cold. We have wood heat but have to cut the wood ourselves.

We don't eat processed foods. Thankfully, we grow most of what we eat. We could never afford to eat organic if we had to buy it all.


I bet you feel soooo proud!

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