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Whats for dinner 8/23?

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Tonight I am pulling some tortellini and grilled chicken pasta out of the freezer -- leftovers from a couple of weeks ago. I will also have a salad.
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Leftovers for the family.

I may try to sneak a Luna bar during my shift. Tonight is opening night, no breaks = no rest/no food.
Meatless meal tonight spinach tortellini and salad. Just DH and I the girls are working.
Swiss steak! I forgot to add it to my menu.
My Dad is taking us out! Yum!
Dinner tonight was canned tomato soup (mixed with soy milk to make it creamy) and slices of homemade bread with peanut butter. Simple and delicious. :D
I am making pork steaks in the oven with leftover pintos from yesterday and green salad. I have brownies for dessert.
stiry fry chicken and veggies with rice....mmm good
Rotini & meatballs, green beans, garlic bread
Chicken patty sandwiches
Marks last meal at home before heading back to college & he wanted sausage & peppers. Had coleslaw & backed beans to go with.
Had left over hamburgers and a bowl of cereal with soy milk.
Tonight we had baked pork chops, red rice and steamed broccoli and cauliflower.

Had oatmeal cookies for dessert!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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