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What's for Dinner, Tues 2nd November

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Melbourne Cup day here.

We'll behaving chicken snitzels with some type of fancy topping probably incorporating bacon and cheese with vegies.
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Pulled BBQ pork, cole slaw, baked french fries
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn.
Not sure.....will have to see what sort of leftovers are in the frig.

Don't plan on cooking anything.
Pot Luck at our soccer meeting. I'm bringing German Potato Salad and perhaps something else.
L/O chili and spoon corn bread
New York Strip steaks & baked potatoes & a veggie.
We're going to walk to the market after we vote and pick up a hunk o'meat that's marked down and/or on sale, grill it & serve it with baked potato and brussel sprouts.
Unexpectedly dd and her fiance are coming for dinner so now we are having (by request) bacon cheeseburgers, fried potatoes & corn. Still have to walk to the market though.;)
*Lamb Chops
*Parsley Potatoes
Baked chicken
Baked potatoes
Baked apples
I'm going to make chicken in the crockpot (thighs and breasts) with a creamy garlic/bacon/thyme sauce. Found it on Lowcarbers site. Will post if it's good.
It's $0.20 wing night at Wild Wing's, so we'll be having wings and fries. We get 20 wings, veggies, fries and 2 drinks for under $15.00!
shake and bake chicken leg quarters, potatoes and some sort of vegetable tonight
taco soup here, using up the leftover taco meat from Sunday.
Tacos...Ground turkey or chicken depending on what you like with refried beans and cheese. I have some left over lettuce, bell peppers, and green onions. DH picked up a tomato on his way home.
Pierogies...comfort food!
sloppy joe's, fries, fruit, and ice cream for dessert. not the healthiest meal, but trying to clean out the freezer
Sloppy Joes, lite caesar salad and either chips & salsa or green beans (depends on dbf's preference...which will probably be chips & salsa)
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