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The only reason we're considering moving out of our town at the end of the road that's fifty miles from pretty much anything is because of health care. As we age we're likely to need more health services than what we have here, and it'll most likely become harder for us to drive ourselves to care.

This is our front yard. Right now, the plan (subject to change) is to stay here as long as possible.

As far as the question in general, I think it depends on needs. For people who are aging, it can become difficult and overwhelming or downright impossible to care for a rural place. Driving skills may deteriorate, making it difficult to drive even a few miles into town. It might become impossible to clear snow from driveways or even steps. If we had to move somewhere at our stage in life, nearing retirement, we would definitely be looking at the compromise house near the services we'll need as we age, not looking at somewhere in the boonies where life is so much harder for older people. We watched FIL and my mom as they aged and the hard lessons they were forced to learn were not lost on us.

At any age I would never want to live an hour from a grocery store or other basic necessities. BTDT in our twenties. Never again.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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