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Who are our expecting moms?

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Roll call for all expecting moms,due date,sex of baby etc.
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I'm expecting number three in July, though they keep telling me that my due date is August 6th. My Amy was due in May and she just turned 12 on April 1st. My Jason was due August 5th and he'll be 2 on July 11th. We're having another boy. This one was a surprise and when I had to tell my 12 yo dd, I was sure she would run away!

Our only dilema is naming this baby before he gets home. Amy was 3 days old and Jason was 6 days old before they had names. If we keep the equation going, this one will be 9 days old before he has a name. Jason still likes Batman and Lala, so maybe we'll go with one of those. LOL!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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