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I've dried and pressed flowers many times. It depends on the variety of flower. Roses dry very well. You can read all types of funky ways to dry them, but even as a professional floral designer....I most often just hung them upside down in bunches (stems and all) in a place that had good air circulation. (you'll want to remove much of the foliage though)
Now if you are looking for drying let's say open roses..then you'll want to try a dessicant like silica gel. (found in craft stores)
You can "bury" your rose in it and allow it to dry for a couple of weeks. I've had great success with using the dessicant, but if your rose is too far open, it will fall apart. They will be very delicate when coming out of the silica gel.
Some flowers are just not good candidates for drying. Many just shed when dried.
Flowers such as larkspur, delphinium, statice, roses, asters, hydrangea, yarrow, dusty miller, lavender, goldenrod, babiesbreath are all awesome when dried. Most bright colored flowers retaint he best color. White flowers often turn brown and red flowers tend to turn almost black.
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