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"why can't we just draw names?"

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Drawing names sure it is frugal but there always seems to be that one hold out that holds up the drawing of names with "No" or "Definite no when it comes to only drawing the children's names"

I must confess that is me in my extended family. I love looking for a buying a present I think the person will love. Sure that is the main reason but it is also selfish on my part. Sometime that present from my SILs are the only present I receive that Christmas and most of the time it is the only surprise I receive.

Hubby is a awful present giver. The kind you rejoice if he stopped by the drugstore on Christmas Eve and bought you mints. My mother only buys the exact thing you requested down to the color ( if the store is out of that color she calls you to ask what other color you want and lists the choices the store has) Sometimes the children make decorations in school, some years not.

So yes that bottle of lotion or gift card for pizza is important to me. I don't want to give that up to a drawing.

So please don't get angry at the person saying no to the name draw or adult gift swap find out why it is so important to them. My extended family did and it was truly as wonderful day when they did.
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I wouldn't say I would get upset at someone for not wanting to draw names, but I won't be the one who speaks up against it. I like getting presents and finding gifts for people as much as the next guy, but it would hurt my tender little feelins to think that some people in my family were struggling at Christmas and I couldn't help them out by just settling for family fellowship and Christmas music for a warm fuzzy. :laugh:
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