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Hey, what happened to our daily thread?

Today is "Wildwood Wednesday" because we are going to Wildwood (at the shore) for a long weekend. I'm trying to get some stuff packed today. We leave on Friday, but tomorrow I have to clean the church. So far I've got Courtney's clothes packed.

wash out duffle bags *DONE
make grocery list
list on ebay
clean up house
get DD2 graduation dress
plan dinner

It's supposed to rain again for the 15th weekend in a row. I've decided to buy some ponchos and continue on with my life. I'm not going to let this unending rain mess up my summer. We actually had TWO sunny days this week! I think that's a new record.

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Hi Danielle!:wave:

I'm glad you started the thread! :) I hope you have fun at Wildwood!

I'm home, bired, it's raining and grey...blah...

I have sooo much to do!:eek:

I have:

*to wash the dishes
*put away tons of clothes I washed the last 3 days!
*Go buy bread at the bread outlet
*prepare my aunt's bagages(she going away this afternoon until sunday)

...mmm...that's enough for today...I'll be also picking up Daniel for lunch.

Have a good day!


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Have fun Danielle !!!!!!!!!
I am getting last minute things ready for dd's party tomorrow,
my bf is coming over later to help decorate the cake... She does beautiful cakes !
The house is clean......
make chicken and rice for dinner ......

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Today I have to get more cleaning done, there's so much I have been trying to get done before my inspection in 2 weeks.
so far I am in the process of getting the last 3 loads of laundry done
clean kitchen
do dishes
clean bathroom
put the groceries from my Kraft box away
took meds
had breakfast
fed the cat
took hamburger out for sloppy joes
need to put my bed together again.

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Enjoy Wildwood, Where ya staying? We usually stay at Bal Harbor, except for fireman's convention, then it's a dumpy little place. Enjoy!

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It was a busy day here
Cleaned one of my cleaning job
had a mystery shop for lunch
Picked up 2 presc got 2 free gift cards with that.
Bought fathers days gifts.
Making george formeman bugers and fries for dinner.
Krystal has gone to a Zephyrs game with here friend, sure hope it doesnt rain.
have a great night
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