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Will you be deb free when you retire?

  • Heck yes, I'll be debt free long before I retire

    Votes: 96 88.1%
  • no I'll still have debts

    Votes: 10 9.2%
  • Debt free, no I'm leaving my debts to my relatives

    Votes: 3 2.8%
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We've been debt free since the last mortgage payment in March, 2009. Dh is disabled and has not worked since the end of 2000. We struggled to keep our heads above water and save since that time. Since I turned 66 and started drawing Social Security I've tried to save most of my income which savings is my only retirement money. DH has a couple of small IRA's which is good but not much. I'm retiring at the end of this year at age 69 (will be 70 in March) and have to tell you even debt free I'm terrified of our financial future. With Obama's changes to Medicare we may end up with a lot more medical expense. Currently we pay around $500 a month for medical insurance and another $200 to $600 a month for non-covered medical. I'm extremely frugal but there is only so far you can stretch a $1. I can see that a few years down the road we could be those people having to decide between food or medicine. If I didn't trust the Lord's provision, I'd never be able to face tomorrow!
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