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I figured I'd update my wishlist Cross off the things I got and remove the things I don't want.

Kitchen: (had to be divided into sub-categories)
Large Appliances:
- Stove
- French Door Refrigerator-energy efficient and spacious but we probably won't get this until we have an actual house.
-Dishwasher- I HATE HAND WASHING DISHES. Takes way to much time, can't get DH to do it, some of my appliance parts are "Dishwasher Safe" AKA PITA to hand wash. I don't like spending so much time in front of the sink, especially since I can't fit a ton of dishes on my dish drainer. (end rant)
- Reverse Osmosis Central Water Filter-to make sure the well water is safe to drink, which would ultimately mean free water.

Small Appliances: (there's a lot of these I want just remember top 5)
- Quesadilla maker-Both DH and I want on of these. It would be good for a simple snack or even a throw together dinner.
- Vacuum Sealer
4)Rice Cooker-I have one but for some odd reason it does not cook the rice, the cook button does not stay in the on position I really want the George Foreman one so I can set the temperature and time.
5)Kitchen aid stand mixer-I have one that detaches to be used as a hand mixer and it doesn't work well as a stand mixer so I find myself using it as a hand mixer most of the time. Also the one I have was a display model and the motor runs hot and smells if I use it on high.

Nifty items: (Non-electrical items I would use almost every day)
- Collapsible Over-the-sink Colander
- Mandolin Slicer - I saw one at wal-mart that does the potato chip slice and the french fry slice
- Slap Chop
- Tortilla Press - for those homemade tortillas that I want to try

- Knife Set - for all my knife needs
- Potato Masher
- Vegetable Peeler
- Nutcracker - to use on my husband JK to be able to shell the pecans that grow on the tree in my back yard
- Apple core cutter - just the little things that make life easier

- Wok - I like stirfry
- Stockpot - I want to try my hand at home made stock
- Dutch oven - my dad had one and it is very useful we used it almost everyday
- Casserole Dishes - I have one I use non stop, it never stays clean. I would like the ones with lids, I would also like the ones that can to from oven to freezer.
- Various bake ware - Like 4 cake pans (2 round, 2 square), pie pan, 2 muffin tins, springform, bunt pan, etc
- Pizza pans

Hardware: (for the kitchen)
- Movable shelving - to start my stockpile with, and to provide more pantry room.
- Hooks - I want them everywhere in the kitchen, but specifically i want the at the base of the cabinets so that I can hang my oven mitts and spoons and spatulas and stuff.
- Child safety equipment - DD is already crawling and I don't really let her roam in the kitchen but it would just be nice to have just in case.
(that's all the hardware I want right now I'll probably think of some more later that's also all for the kitchen now moving on to another category)

Laundry room:
- Dryer - yes hanging clothes out on the line is cheaper but it has been raining for nearly a week now and the rack can't hold a lot so a dryer would be nice for a time like this.
- 5 gallon bucket - to make my own laundry detergent in.
- Hampers - for both bedrooms and the bathroom, to keep the clothes piles under control.
- Iron - for ironing
- Iron board - see above

Bathroom: We're moving so all of this is covered
- New tub
- Shower curtain
- New sink area
- Shelving
- new door

Bedroom: Covered yet again
- New Mattress
- New wardrobe
- Sliding closet doors
- Shelving in the closet
- bigger bed

- Knitting needles and crochet hooks - I have sizes 10 1/2, 8 and 6 in knitting needles. Sizes D-K in crochet hooks
- Cloth and Patterns - To help me increase my sewing ability
- Yarn - for knitting and crocheting
- Sewing cabinet - to keep are my craft stuff in, one with space for a serger would be nice
- Serger - for hems

Outside: (more sub-categories)
- Area to garden - too many trees = not enough light, we're already planning to remove some of the trees.
- Edible plants - I haven't started the garden yet but I'm getting there
- tomato cages
- Trellis - for vines
- Greenhouse

- Solar Panels
- Barn
- Chicken coop
- Rain catching system
- Electric fence

For DD:
- Outdoor swing
- Baby Einstein videos
- Your baby can read
- Clothes (this ones probably going to be ongoing

For DH
- A truck
- Tredsafe shoes
- Your Shape Evolved(video Game)
- Stuff I'm not going to mention on here XD

For me:
- Family nights out - This is going to ongoing
- Date Nights - same as above
- Zumba Fitness - for the kinect
- Biggest loser ultimate workout - for the kinect
- Fit in 6 (playstation move)
-Incense sticks - I just like these
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