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I titled it so because of the slick roads and me trying to get the trash out to the curb for pickup :laugh: I guess I should have titled it for Valentine's Day :heartsm:

We lucked out in that we are far enough south to not get a lot of snow, but some of the surrounding areas have trees down and lots of snow and ice. School was called off this morning for the second day in a row. Dh said that half his department is unable to come in due to the downed trees and slick roadways.

Anyway, I don't think I'll be going out today.

So here is what I have done so far:
*Got the dishes done
*Cleaned out litter box
*Taken trash out to curb for pickup
*Fed all animals
*Fed and dressed the kids
*Did one load of darks and have them hanging/drying
*Started the lights in the washer
*Got out the sausage for tonight's lasagna
*Made the beds

Still to do:
*Take my shower!
*Finish the laundry
*Put in Market Day orders (internet was down all day yesterday) since Friday is the cutoff
*Make the lasagna for dinner
*Bath/bedtime for kids
*Watch 'Lost' with dh (what a Valentine's Day, eh?) and cross-stitch

I have limited energy in the afternoons with this pregnancy, so I have to get a good amount done in the mornings :smhelp:

Have a great day, everyone!

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Weather-beaten Wednesday? Whimsical Wednesday?
I was drinking my coffee about an hour ago when I actually heard a gush of water sound in my sunroom and went out to see about 4 places in the ceiling that were leaking. Urg! Definately need roof repairs. And it's still raining...
I had a good day yesterday purging and cleaning. Unfortunately what I purged from other rooms I put in the sunroom and now some the stuff is wet. It's just clothes so they'll dry out. I'd really like to spend some time today being creative but only after I;
~call AOL
~Fold Laundry
~Wash and hang diapers
~Vacuum hall and bedrooms
~unload/load dishwasher
~Purge more stuff
~Spiffy up the bathroom
Stay warm and safe everyone!

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Good morning all! Snowed last night, but school is in session today. On the agenda:

*Make bed
*Start rolls
*Take care of pets
*Quick house pick up
* Off to school to help with the Valentines Day parties
*Supper and dishes
*Relax, spend time with DH

Enjoy your day!

The big thing on my list today is going to my job interview. It is still snowing here - has been since around 11pm last night and it's not supposed to stop until 11pm tonight, with total accumulation somewhere between 10-12 inches.

Please send good vibes my way for the interview if you can!

DH has class tonight but the instructor is letting them out early so he can spend Valentine's Day with his wife. DH and I agreed that for Valentine's Day he'd shave his stubble and light the bedroom sconce, and I said I'd wear something sexier than jeans and a t-shirt with spit-up on it :wink: I totally spaced on getting his a card when I was out yesterday, but I'm not going to get one today with the weather and all.

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Good morning!
School is cancelled for the kids and myself...and I'm still wondering why? We still don't have much snow, visibility isn't horrible at all, the plows are keeping up, etc. It better get worse, or they just wasted a snow day!

I have lots to keep me occupied though. For meteorology, I need to read 2 chapters, read the mini lectures, do my discussion postings and at least have a look at the homework and the lab. For economics, I need to do the chapter 3 study guide questions and study chapters 1, 2, and 3 for an exam tomorrow. For computer programming, I need to print out my lab output/input, finish rewriting my algorithm, print out my summary. For accounting, I've done all the reading so I think I'll attempt the homework that he would have shown us how to do had we had class today.

I also have quite a bit of laundry to do and just general picking up around the house. Need to workout, haven't done it in two days :blush: And I need to knit some more on the darned baby blanket that's taking me forever. After I get these two baby blankets done, I am NEVER knitting another blanket as long as I live. They are sooo damn slow!!

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we got very little snow but freezing rain and sleet so our roads are pretty icy so we are staying in today.
but i did get DS's computer up and running so he can stay off of mine (thank goodness)
I really need to tend to the bathroom floor and write down my freecycle list so i can start getting some more crap out of the basement
DS and i are gonna make some valentines ( i hope)
eat leftove pizza and stew for food

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Morning all. Not feeling well here. Went to the local clinic as I thought I had a sinus infections. They say I have the crud. Just have to let it run its course. Came home and doing the basic chores today. Gonna take a nap sometime today. Noone has activities today which I am happy about. Have a good day

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Is rainy and cold here this morning. So far today I have:
made beds
have 2nd load of laundry going
ran vac in living room and dining room
I still need to:
clean up breakfast dishes
empty dishwasher
sweep and mop kitchen
if I get real ambitious I might make some playdough for my dd to play with this afternoon, just haven't decided if I want the mess to clean up later

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Morning all! No school today for myself and DH, but DD only had a 2 hour delay, so off she went to pass out her valentines. :flowers:
Dh is driving her.. it is really snowing here, but the snow is very fine. I hope it is not bad when we have to pick her up.

Today I need to:
~ do laundry
~ clean bedrooms
~ organize downstairs.

Stay warm and safe!!

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Cloudy again today and should get up around 50 degrees again.
Still fighting this bad cold, but not really feeling too's just everytime I bend over to do something my nose starts running (someone turn the faucet off).

So far: washing and hanging 2 loads of laundry
treadmill for 30 min
fed fur babies

Need to: clean cat boxes
straighten up the living room
clean downstairs bathroom
put chicken in crockpot
work 11-3 today

Hope everyone has a really sweet VALENTINES DAY.

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Morning all and Happy Valentine's day!

So far I have...
~ Dressed, made bed, and gotten baby dressed
~ Finished a pair of crocheted pants
~ started diaper laundry
~ cleaned out fridge and made menus/grocery list for upcoming week
~ made heart waffles....with enuff to freeze some
~ cleaned up kitchen
~ pulled out cupcakes from freezer to icing and decorate with red sugar for v day

Need to:
~ Do math and reading with kiddos
~ go to a Valentine's Day party
~ take a picture of pants and email to customer for approval
~ work on a hat
~ make pizza dough in breadmaker this afternoon and make pizzas for kiddos
~ Go to friends house for dinner tonight, guys are cooking for ladies from church and the kiddos will be at my house with a sitter (splitting cost of all)

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Afternoon Ladies~ Happy Valentine's Day!

So far I have,

Made my bed
Dressed myself and DS
Fed both kids breakfast and now lunch. DD is home from school with a virus for the 2nd day in a row, but shes feeling much better today.
Washed two loads of clothes
Ran the dishwasher
Putting DS down for his nap (I hope hehe)

Things to do -

Fold the clothes I washed
The downstairs could use a good vacuum/sweeping but I think I'll do that tomorrow...
Grill out steaks tonight for V-Day, serve with potatoes and salad.
I really need to clean all 3 of the bathrooms, but I hate that job, so I'll put it off for the weekend. :D again. hehe
Finish making Iced tea. Seriously, how can 3 people drink 2 gallons of tea per day?

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Happy Valentine's Day Ladies!

So far I have:

* hobbled outta bed and freshened up!
* sponge bathed since I cant get my toe wet yet - until tonight when I soak it for the first time!
* picked up the mess in living room (been camping out on pull out couch with the bf whos been taking care of me)
* put dishes in sink, recycling in the bin to go outside cuz I sure aint going out there!
* made breakky

To do later today -

* attempt to do load of towels and small load of laundry
* read or watch a dvd to pass time
* soak foot and remove bandages and go from there

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Snow day here, so the kiddies are home with me. Dh had to go in, although he's the only one in his group who showed up. Everyone else is working from home. Grrr... :)

Julia and I made muffins for Patrick's birthday tomorrow. I've been putting away laundry, tossing stuff, reorganizing things, and playing with the kids. It's been a pretty nice day overall. :)

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Afternoon all-and Happy Valentine's Day!

The weather is lousy here today-snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Both DH an DS are home today, so I am not getting much accomplished.
Did some laundry and just a general pick-up around the house.
Will serve leftovers for supper.

Hope all that are not feeling well get better soon-there is a lot of stuff going around now.

Sara-love the newest baby picture.

Have a great day all!

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Good morning all - It is so cold here today. I'll be glad when summer get's here. So far I've called and cancelled one of my internet accounts (I had two) and finished unsubscribing from paid to read email programs (realized that was a big waste of time and a headache). I've also washed Dear Puppy's bed towels and load of hubby's work clothes.

Still need to finish cleaning kitchen and maybe vacuum the dining room floor. Thankfully I don't have to cook tonight since DH said we could eat out (although I'm beginning to have doubts about that since three people we know have been hospitalized this month with food poisoning from fast food places.)

Have a great Valentine's day all.

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This morning I drove the kids to school because the temp. was -31. Since then I have bathed dd3, cleaned the kitchen, repotted 12 plants, did 3 loads of laundry and mixed the dough for sugar cookies. In a 1/2 hr I'm going to make the sugar cookies(hearts of course) and then I'll pick the kids up from school. After that the kids are going to help me decorate the cookies and make pizza. Once the pizza is in the oven I'll be putting away all the laundry I washed.

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so far today I...

cleaned kitchen

cleaned bathroom

washed & drying a load of laundry

took out recycle

did my daily reading

had my breakfast & :coffee:

got the garbage out

checked email acc's

did daily surveys

planned dinner

took sausage out to thaw

took care of kitty's needs

still need to...

check out ebay

make more trades

check on DD #1

go through mail

update grocery list

prepare for tomorrows meeting

scan items dad is buying today

send scan in

update my shopping journal

call store for a price check

make dinner

:call: & check on a friend who has been real sick

at least start my weekly challenge

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Went to work this morning at 7. Drove in the slush...the road weren't too bad even though my mother called me at 6:30 and demanded that I stay home. :ugh: Hello...I'm not 5 years old! :mad:

Got done work at 1:00 we were allowed to leave when our work was done. Met DH at the diner for lunch. He was on his way to do a friend a favor.

Came home tidied up some stuff. We lost the top of a tree this morning in this ice storm. I was outside and heard it fall. It sounded so cool, lol.

Need to pay some bills. Tax return should be in on Friday. :yippee:

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Warm Wonderful Wednesday!
DH, DD and I took the day off and went to the State Fair in Tampa.
Weather was perfect! It was sunny and around 72 all day. Not to hot not to cold. No rain!
We walked the exibits, the midway and ate! Roasted ears of corn, strawberry shortcake, pretzels with mustard and Johnsville brats with saurkrat. Just a totally great day.
Now I've made porkchops in gravy in the oven while I napped. Gonna cook up some egg noodles and green beans.
What a wonderful family day. Nice to enjoy each others company.

Laurie in BRadenton
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