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Summary customer service center, recent winner of the global call center of the year award is now hiring customer service oriented individuals to work from the comfort and convenience of their home office. These employees serve as the first contact customers have with the company.

We are looking for flexible, PC-savvy individuals to work on a part time basis and who live in the following states; Arizona, Florida, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, Texas, Virginia and Nevada. Successful candidates must have their own PC with reliable high-speed internet connection, a dedicated land line telephone (conventional non-wireless telephone connection) for incoming calls and can type 35 words per minute. Prior call center experience preferred. Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and have a high school diploma or GED to apply. Good typing, writing, spelling and math skills, with strong communication skills required.

Scheduling Requirement

The nature of the workload is dependent upon the number of customers that are placing orders. We typically have a steady flow of workload, however during peaks periods such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day our workload increases significantly. We refer to these periods as our "Gold Rush Periods." During Gold Rush Periods, we require Home Agent Specialists to work 8 – 10 hour shifts on gold days. Gold days are generally 2 – 4 leading up to the day of the holiday and 1 – 3 days following the holiday. Based on your availability, there is a possibility that you could work many more hours during the "Gold Rush Period."

GOLD DAYSMother's Day GOLD Days
May 10, 2007
May 11, 2007
May 12, 2007
May 13, 2007
May 14, 2007
May 15, 2007
May 16, 2007
May 17, 2007 Thanksgiving GOLD Days
November 19, 2007
November 20, 2007
November 21, 2007
November 22, 2007
November 23, 2007
November 24, 2007
November 25, 2007

Christmas GOLD Days
December 19, 2007
December 20, 2007
December 21, 2007
December 22, 2007
December 23, 2007
December 24, 2007
December 25, 2007
December 26, 2007
December 27, 2007
December 28, 2007
Valentine's GOLD Days
February 11, 2008
February 12, 2008
February 13, 2008
February 14, 2008
February 15, 2008
February 16, 2008
February 17, 2008

Hardware and Software Specifications
Workstation Minimum Requirements

Desktop Computer: Pentium III 300 MHz or better.
Operating System: Windows XP Professional or Home Edition
RAM / Memory: Minimum 256 MB available RAM
PC Sound: Required w/speaker
Modem: DSL or Cable
Video Card: Standard - Recommended 8 MB video card
Hard Drive: 4 GB IDE Hard Drive (larger is better)
Dedicated Phone Line: Land line for work during schedules shifts.
Telephone set: Must be a corded traditional telephone. No cordless, cellular/wireless, or VoIP (e.g., Optimum Voice, Vonage, AT&T, CallVantage).
Microsoft Internet Explorer: (6 or later), with 128-bit encryption. Windows Update
Antivirus Software: Norton Anti-Virus software with current and updated virus definitions
Internet Account: Subscription to a reliable high-speed ISP which has bi-directional speeds of 128K or more and which is neither a wireless nor satellite connection. A wireless connection within the confines of your home is acceptable as long as your DSL or cable connection is "hard-wired".
Office Furniture: A sturdy desk and a comfortable sturdy chair at a comfortable height with adequate back support. (5 legged chair highly recommended)
Monitor: 17" monitor - Highly recommended
AIM: Free download available at
Microsoft Office: including Microsoft Word and Excel WinZip, Adobe Acrobat reader. -Free download available on the Web
Battery Backup: UPS/Battery Power Supply including surge
Headset: A corded headset with a noise-canceling microphone. The headset must be corded and plug into a corded telephone to allow you to work hands-free.
Printer: Printer (color is better)
If you meet the above requirements, the next step in the application process is to complete an on-line assessment of your PC and your skills. This assessment will take approximately 1 hour to complete. Click here to go to our on line screening center.

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Too bad I dont live in one the states :(

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Bummer for me that I am not in one of the states.....

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Not in my state either...Bummer for me too. How did you find the job offer?
Maybe there are more like it!!

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I'm sorry. It's not in my state either:( I copied that from another forum, but I think you can probably just go to careers on the actual website.

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check out They have a wonderful forums where they list real jobs WAHJ.
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