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I wanted to share my recent find, and give a little backstory into my particular issue and maybe somebody else can recommend other alternatives to my plan.

As a father of 2 trying to get work done at the home, remotely from my job, can be somewhat of a task due to noise constraints and other distractions. I live in Southern California, and I thought, what a better way to enjoy my time working than at the beach!

I was going to tether my phone to my laptop, and then use my phone bills data (not cheap by the way) to connect to the internet, since I'm not really near any public Wi-Fi, and most places change their passwords frequently especially if you're not buying anything.

Anyway I connected my phone for one session, and in one session I had done over .5 GB of data! I was shocked at how much I used in about 5 hours of consecutive work. What a bummer I thought, now I'd be forced to sit at a coffee shop, and connect to the public internet. Unfortunately in Southern California, the same hectic attitudes that I had back at home had followed suit, as the local Starbucks near me was a chaotic mess all day, and I was barely able to secure a table.

I thought there's got to be a better way, since I enjoyed sitting near the water on the beach, under an umbrella with the hot sun cooking all around me.

I started browsing the web as I had heard rumors of “unlimited data plans” and I thought, thats a bunch of hooey, since most of these so called “unlimited” plans cap you at a certain data mark, usually 20 gb. These weren't cheap either, we're talking almost $100 a month to have something I really didnt need. (I am trying to be frual here!)

But I then discovered a post talking about my same predicament and how they solved it. Apparently there are some places that sell wireless hotspots to people in low income situations, almost like government issued hotspots. It was doom and gloom since I wasn't able to meet the income eligibility, I make too much, and these were for people making basically nothing, and still the monthly payments were about $50.

I looked even harder, and eventually narrowed my search to one particular web store offering the solution. They wanted $450 for the device and a years worth of prepaid service, which came down to $37 per month and speeds were supposed to be pretty decent, 10-50 Mbps depending upon where you lived. I pulled the trigger and received my device about a week later.

And that's where I am today, about a few days in and I can already say I'm in love! I use this thing in my car as a portable router, to listen to podcasts while I run errands and stuck in LA traffic. I am able to take this to the beach once again and stay there for hours while getting great work done away from the madness that is public places and my own cave of doom.

So anywho, thought I'd share the tip, and if you guys want I can share the website I got it from. Oh and the speeds are so great where I'm at, we're thinking about dropping our home internet and swapping it for this device! I get about 30 Mbps at my home FYI.

But if anyone else has any other good ways they work away from home, I'd love to hear them.

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I work at home, but not in our house. Here's my newly re-sided office, not quite finished in this pic.

Here are some inside pics.

View from one window.

View from another window.

Some accessories, which are in a different location now.

This is actually a three room cabin but the back half is used for storage of one kind or another.

The rule about my office is I'm not to be interrupted when I'm working. It's only two adults living here now, but the rule worked when we had five kids at home, too because everyone knew there would be consequences if they bugged me.

I like my office so much that if we ever decide to move and can't find a house with a secluded office space inside the house, I will not hesitate to buy a 10x12 shed kit and build myself another outside office. I have everything I need in my space including phone, internet, etc. It works for me, and I love the peace and quiet which gives me the ability to focus.

I've tried using my laptop down on our dock. It's impossible to see the screen on a sunny day. How have you solved that problem?
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