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Ahh a beautiful day in the neighborhood, and I have to spend it at the office! Rats! I'm working for someone who is on vacation 9-5. That's it for me today. I have to take Courtney to MIL for the day. Just wanted to pop in and say HI! ;)

It's going up to 84 today! :sun:

Hopefully it won't rain Saturday. It rains every Saturday so that means no yard sales! Waaahhh! DH and I are having severe withdrawals! lol

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Nice and sunny here today. It is Beautiful here today!!
Today we have to take two of the trucks to the shop for service
Finish some more of the projects I have going
vaccum the house
swish & swipe bathrooms
Wipe down Kitchen
Quick trip to wal mart for some essentials

That's all I'm doing toady! I think I'm gettinh ds's cold, my throat is scratchy.

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WELL I HAVE TO WORK 8-5 TODAY -supposed to be around 81 for the high, i think
i need to do:
Yard Work
Dust (a never ending task :lol:)
Decide on supper

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Wacky Wednesday...

Wacky Wednesday...
So Far today I have vaccumed both bathroom floors. Done
Now I need to sweep the Master Bathroom floor and try to mop it.
I need to change the kitty litter. Done
I need to wash out the Crock Pot. Done
I need to put away the clean dishes. Done
I need to make up the beds.Done
I need to wash Dh's Work Uniforms. Done
I need to Declutter bedrooms. One Bedroom Cleaned now 2 more to go.
I need to get bills together and write out how much they are and budget the money for them. Done
I need to clean out the bathtub and the shower. Shower cleaned.
I need to give dd her bath. Done
I need to get a shower. Done
I need to make up the beds. One bed made
I need to study. Almost done
I need to do Daliy Bible Study. Done
I need to dust.
I need to Fabreze our Home.
I need to clean and shine the Kitchen.
I need to read to and with dd.
Play with dd. Done
I need to wash some clothes. One load is done
I need to put away the clean clothes. I need to put away the clean clothes.
I hope Everyone has a great Day today.
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