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Good Morning Fellow Villagers!

Its chilly here this morning 52 and we're expecting it to get cooler and rainer as the night comes.

So far I've done the typical stuff here this morning.
Up, 2 cups of go juice drunk, dressed, bed made, recycles down, landry flipped and started, fur bags fed, DH sent off to work in Riverview.
Working on our paint bills for this month things are not matching up and I'm gonna have to go to paint store today. But it'll have to wait til I get back from Clearwater this afternoon as today is move grandma day. I pick her up at 11 am and deliver her to new ACLF.
Also need to be home early as DH is taking off his job in Riverview early because he has to go to Ft. Myers tonight around 7 to paint 2 bathroom ceilings at a MacDOnalds. He doesn't like to come home to an emtpy house and feels that I'm doing too much as far as my grandmother is concerned and my sisters aren't doing enought. He doesn't understand. <sign> Won't go there.
Well I'm off to get DD up and going. Hope everyone has a good day.

Laurie in Bradenton

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Morning all...
Laurie-I hope all goes smoothly for your grandmother..
For me today:
got up early and did some laundry, fed the animals, packed DS's lunch,wet-vacc'd some damp spots in the basement, made a chicken parmesan for dinner.
Still have to run some errands, finish DS's cookies, meet DD for lunch, and hopefully go thru some Christmas stuff to weed out what I am keeping, donating, etc...
The weather here is still kinda gloomy, but warm.
Have a great day all!

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The only thing I'm doing is laundry. Everything else is CLEAN!!! :cheer4:

I may run up to the mall to pick up a Christmas present if it came in. Maybe to Kmart for another present afterwards.

Need to decide what to make for dinner, make the bed, and then I'm going to KNIT!

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Good Wednesday morning everyone!

Well it's another cold, damp, rainy, dreary day here :( COME ON SUN! Where are you??

I'm dragging this morning. I had a hard time sleeping last night and finally dragged my butt out of bed at 5 a.m. I've already had a whole pot of coffee! Can we say jitters? LOL!

Plans for the day....

*clean stovetop
*shopping for a pre-lit Christmas tree
*if I get motivated....start Christmas cards
*and hopefully fit a nap in sometime

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We are suppose to have a stormy day (Yay!! I LOVE storms!!!) So I am going to sit back and enjoy the thunder, rain, and all of the weather warnings. These are my favorite days!!!
The kids do not have any schoolwork - we are takinga break for a few days. So it will be a lazy, lazy day.

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Not much going on today

So far I have done my workout on the treadmill
Vaccumed the rugs
Did my points on the pc

Have to put wash away from yesterday
Put dirty dishes in the dishwasher
Wash pots
Have a mystery shop for lunch, taking my mom with me
Have class tonight

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So far this morning I have worked out, showered, fed the baby, snuggled with the baby, and went to work. I'm working until 5 and then I am going to pick up the baby. From there I am doing laundry, making spaghetti, and cleaning my house. Oh and doing homework.

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Good morning! It's a mild 54 here in NH! I wish the sun would come out though. I'm tired of the gloomy days. I don't beleive it's supposed to rain today, but tomorrow it will. And it did the past 3 days, at least!! LOL

Here's my list for today. Now, it looks longer than it really is. LOL
Morning routine:
X Get up & dress
X Wake children
X Start laundry
X Open main bath window
X Light table candle
X Get coffee
X Make breakfast & lunches
X Open bedroom blinds
X Pull covers down
X Hang clothes/put in dryer
X Empty trashcans
X Get food out of freezer
X Feed kitties & change water
X Clean dining table
X Do any dinner prep
X Put dishes in dishwasher/run
X Wash any dishes
X Wipe down kitchen counters/stove
X Sweep & mop kitchen floor
X Vacuum main living areas
X Make bed
X Shower
X Get dressed & apply makeup
X S/S bathrooms
X Restock toilet paper
X Change hand towels
X Light bathroom candle
X Spray house w/febreeze
X Light kitchen candle
X Cup of tea/coffee & take vitamins/med
X Check email
X Check blogs & forums
X Make & post to do list
Fold laundry
X Clear a hotspot
Empty dishwasher
Prepare coffeemaker for the morningTidy livingroom
Scoop the cat box
Empty kitchen trash & take out
Put new trashbag in

To do's:
X Scrub sinks
Wash brushes & combs
Wash soap dish
Wash toothbrush holders
Wipe scale
X Thoroughly clean toilets
X Clean shower & tubs
Fill soap containers, sugar, coffee, etc.
Make pancake syrup
Make a med check appointment for Cassie
Call about Nicole's insurance
Spend 15 mins cleaning kitchen cabinets
Spend 15 mins decluttering laundry room

Afternoon routine:
Do any dinner prep
Make & eat lunch
Clean up kitchen
Get & sort mail
Gather laundry for the morning

Evening routine:
Set table for dinner
Light livingroom & diningroom candles
Cook & eat dinner
Clear table
Load dishwasher
Hand wash any dishes needed
Wipe down counters & table
Wipe outside of fridge & microwave
Scrub sink
Put sponge in dishwasher
Put towels & dishcloth in laundry
Put out clean towels & dishcloth
Plan breakfast
Lay out coffee cup
Make Jason's sandwich
Set out meds

Before bed routine:
Pull back covers on bed
Tidy bedroom
Light bathroom & bedroom candles
Blow out candles
Close bathroom window
Lock doors
Lay out clothes for tomorrow

My meals for today are:
Breakfast: french toast & fruit
Lunch: Egg salad sandwich
Dinner: soup & grilled ham & cheese

I hope everyone has a great day!!

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Wow Dawn, good luck with all that.

So far I have put a load in to wash
zapped a cup of coffee
layed out taco shells and seasoning for our dinner

Need to: get on the treadmill
take a shower and get ready for work
work 11-4 today
Home to dust and vacuum
reload coffee pot
change kitchen towels
watch Jerico tonight

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I think I am going to have to go take a nap now...reading Dawn's list has tired me out just thinking about it :).

I worked last night and have not been to bed since 4:00 yesterday afternoon, so I really will be taking a nap this afternoon. I don't plan on doing a lot today, just some straightening up and decluttering the mail from the last few days.

Have a great day everyone.

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Today is dreary and rainy. BLAH! Had my 3 cups of coffee. Made mades, dusted and paid some bills. Got my ironing ready to do. Just wanted to see what was happening at the village today. Making fish and brown rice for supper. Everyone have a nice day.

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Good afternoon everyone:wave:

I've had a fairly laid back day for me.
So far I've:
~worked out
~fixed lunch for Gripey
~had a bath, shaved those hairy legs:toothy:
~washed my hair
~did a facial
~did a pedicure

Still to do:
~manicure (d.i.y.)
~run around with the lambs wool duster
~wash bathroom rugs
~swish n swipe the back bathroom
~fold towels and underwear and put away
~fix supper
~still haven't made the bed....better do that, it's almost time to get back in it....rofl.
Then it's Dancing with the Stars, Medium and Lost tonite :clap:

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Just went to work early. Came home and took DD to the pizza place for a school frundraiser. Went and saw dad. Now just try to do a load of laundry and relax. Brought a little work home with me but probably won't do it.

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LOL, I told you it's not really as long as it looks!!
I was done with my morning routine, the "chores, and my afternoon routine by 2:30. And now at 8:15, I've done my evening routine and am sitting here relaxing. I will do my bedtime routine shortly.
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