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Would you ever send your quilt out to be quilted?

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I've heard a lot of people send out their quilt tops to be quilted. It seems pretty costly imo, but can see where it might be something people are interested in. I can't imagine wrestling a full size quilt on a little machine, but then again I haven't even stitched a square. rofl
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If I had a quilt that I didn't feel comfortable quilting or didn't want to mess it up big time....rofl...I'd send it out. The Amish ladies around here offer this service very reasonable.
How do they quilt it on a sewing machine??? Must be magic.:dust:
No I wouldn't. I want the quilt to be done completely by me.

I used my sewing machine all the time to quilt my quilts and still do with the smaller type quilts. If its a queen size quilt, I now hand quilt all of them. I found I loved the hand quilting part. I find it just so relaxing.

I would really love to have a quilting machine, but the cost is crazy. Hopefully in the future, they will come down in price.

Otherwise, I'll stick with my own sewing machine and hand quilt.
No I wouldn't. Since I'm learning, what would I learn by having someone else do it for me? I'm doing mine by machine, and it's going OK for me.
I probably would. I have tried quilting by machine and it was not fun at all. :down: I do not like hand quilting so all of mine will be tied most likely.
I don't think I would think of it as "mine" if someone else quilted it for me. I have used my sewing machine for quilting but I prefer to hand quilt, it is so relaxing and fulfilling.
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