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WWYD with yellow tomatoes?

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So I went to the produce auction today. I am canning tomatoes as I type this. I have 15 pecks of romas to take care of. I couldn't resist buying 2 pecks of heirloom yellow tomatoes as well - they were only $3.50 a peck and they are just so pretty. What would you do with them? I am not sure if I should just incorporate them into regular sauce or if I should do something special with them (what I am leaning towards). But what? I haven't a clue! Any ideas?
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I would eat them fresh, as many as you can, and then, either can them just like any other tomato or use them in sauce. We ended up with some in our garden, don't know if they cross pollenated(sp?) with the yellow pears I planted or if we got a plant that was labeled wrong LOL!!..Either way they make good sauce :)
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