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I've been wanting to Board & Batten for a long time now. I fell in love with all the rooms that have been re-done in it, and posted allover the net recently. But along with my long list of "wanna-dos, that goes along with my tight budget, I kinda put it out of my thoughts at least for now. But tonight I got this incredible message from The ~Tip Junkee~ >

Board and Batten Made from Blinds {makeover} via

In my book, this woman is "genius"! :sly: It never stops to amaze me just really what the power of "Nessecity is the Mother of Invention" can do. And decorating ideas are probably my favorite things to either find or come up with myself. LOVE visiting those designer CopyCat sites for ideas. To me though, this one is "TOPS"!

Anyway... I just had to post this for anybody who was toying with this idea because I seriously doubt you could do it for any cheaper, and in my case, free with the ones I no longer use. But even if you had to buy the blinds, the faux wood ones at JCP goes on sale ALOT for about $30. And you get alot of slats.

Theresa :)

ps- do a google on board & batten to see the many make-overs done with this. so, so pretty.
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