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Today we'll do the Breathe and Stretch, the next couple of days will be exercises that work on coordinating movement with the breath and stretching tight muscles. Being aware of your breath as you move will allow energy to flow freely through your body.

Up and Down Stretch:

*Stand with your feet parallel and about hip-width apart. Looking straight ahead take several full breaths.

*On an in-breath, sweep your arms slowly out to the side and up above your head. Bring your palms together, fingers pointing toward the ceiling. Continue to look straight ahead.

*As you breath out, fold your arms backward, bringing your palms together and hands down your back so that your fingers point toward the floor. At the same time, stretch your elbows toward the ceiling.

*Interlock your fingers. As you breath in, straighten out the arms again, stretching the palms of the hands up toward the ceiling.

*Breathe out, sweeping your arms out to the sides and down. Breathe in as you take your arms back toward the wall behind you, interlocking the fingers again behind your back.

*Breathe out as you fold (bend) forward from the knees (your face should be looking at your knees!!) Stretch the backs of the hands toward theceiling. Come back up as you breathe in, stretching the arms back again. Lower the arms to the sides on the out breath. Repeat the sequence several times.

This is a fairly fast paced (energizing) "flowing" move! It sounds more complicated than it really is. Basically this is all about breathing and of course stretching!! I usually do this first, then I do the posture from yesterday. I do this about 10-12 times. And, yes, the first time I did this exercise in class, I thought I looked ridiculous with my arms flailing around!!!

Questions, please ask :)
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