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Yoga, Stress, Meditation

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First, Hi... I'm Sue... still kinda new... but with many ideas.

Ignore me if you think I'm nutz! :toothy:

So I've been practicing yoga for nearly 15 years. I'm not here to preach about anything - I just want to be informative.

I'll go ahead & state, feel free to contact me directly if you are interested in further info or more details.

I'll describe how it's benefitted me - but note, it's not to say that it'll benefit everyone the same way - or at all!

I got into it many years ago as a teen where earth-religions completely intrigued me.
I found myself more capable of adapting to a quiet, low-stress form of exercise (call me lazy! *lol*).
I was sore - and continue to get sore when I up the scale - I lose/burn fat by maintaining muscle tone, and I have gained more patience than I could ever have thought I could develop.

There are many forms of yoga - but the one I chose is concentration on breathing/meditation as well as on the physical plane (that is to say "get more in tune w/my body - as it works").

No, I don't sit in the lotus position for hours on end seeking enlightenment. Yoga is my workout routine - every day for up to an hour at a time.
It gives me patience (to deal with kids), it gives me clarity of mind (ability to concentrate - when i'm feeling super tired, but still have laundry, homework & run the kids here & there)... among other benefits.

So, if you're interested in more info... I don't want to make this too long of a post - feel free to contact me.

Hope this makes some sense & maybe I could be of some reference to anyone out there interested!

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I don't do yoga but I'm sure several places might offer it since it's becoming popular. (Which is a good thing. Personally, I try and keep up with my T'ai Chi. :) ) You might want to try either your local YMCA/YWCA, community center, or see if your town has a Continuing Community Education through their Board of Ed. I know that last is how I found my T'ai Chi class.
True. Although I didn't have much of a problem when I started T'ai Chi. Perhaps because they're different forms. :) While I'm not currently interested in starting Yoga, I'd personally rather start off with a small class because I learn better that way.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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