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Your Latest Electric Bill

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I guessed 350.00 but came in with a sweet 348.60. Heh

Our bill includes sewer and water in one bill.

Sewer 23.07
Water 9.34 (how the heck did this happen? It's usually around 15-18 bucks? My yelling at the kids 30 minute showers and my dead garden?)
Electric 309.60 :skept: A very hot hot summer!

The good news is it's going to be payed soon and another high bill next month and it's going way down from there! Hello fall!! :)

And you?
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Our power bills include only electricity, nothing else.

We are on the budget plan and pay $250 a month year around. However, if we were not on the budget plan our bill would have been $415. August is typically our highest usage month, so we haven't hit our peek, yet.
I'm a little shocked to hear how high everyone's is! We are usually $140-190, and that's with a small machine shop running part time in our garage!
Personally speaking, our house is 2800 sq ft of living space and all electric. We live in the deep south and I refuse to sweat. I keep our thermostat between 70*-73* at all times. From late March/early April until late October the central air never shuts off and there are at least three fans going. We wash and dry roughly 20 loads of laundry a week, and I do not line dry anything. We keep 3 televisions running 24/7 along with a desktop and up to three laptops. There are also certain rooms that I leave the lights on 24/7. Cutting back on the electric bill is not one of my money saving areas.
1 - 2 of 87 Posts
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