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Your Latest Electric Bill

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I guessed 350.00 but came in with a sweet 348.60. Heh

Our bill includes sewer and water in one bill.

Sewer 23.07
Water 9.34 (how the heck did this happen? It's usually around 15-18 bucks? My yelling at the kids 30 minute showers and my dead garden?)
Electric 309.60 :skept: A very hot hot summer!

The good news is it's going to be payed soon and another high bill next month and it's going way down from there! Hello fall!! :)

And you?
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I'm thinking about being on the monthly plan, just to make budgeting this time of year much easier!! Our gas bill is that way.

Yep, I'm sure the next bill will be an even more doozy!
I called the electric company today to get on a budget plan. I guessed it would be 200 a month and it was! She said give or take 20 bucks lower or higher. This includes water and sewer. Thank god I don't have to try to come up with 400 or so bucks for the August bill!!!

It's going to be easier to budget.

Now on the dark side. My gas bill came in the mail today and it's up 22 bucks more a month. They re-do it every Feb and July. Aargh! And I tried to cut back there last winter....:jug:
Turned the air off today for the first time this summer. Woot! Cooler weather all week. Hope it stays this way and we have an attic fan that helps too. The bill is going down!
1 - 4 of 87 Posts
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