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Your Latest Electric Bill

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I guessed 350.00 but came in with a sweet 348.60. Heh

Our bill includes sewer and water in one bill.

Sewer 23.07
Water 9.34 (how the heck did this happen? It's usually around 15-18 bucks? My yelling at the kids 30 minute showers and my dead garden?)
Electric 309.60 :skept: A very hot hot summer!

The good news is it's going to be payed soon and another high bill next month and it's going way down from there! Hello fall!! :)

And you?
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Our bill for July was almost $105 bucks, which I thought was still too high. We have alternative energy sources and do not use central air much, or we will have to pay .We did have a light left on a few days in the basement that someone forgot to turn off. Our house is almost 5000 square feet! I love my sunny and windy days- on those days we can use more electricity. I want that electric company to feel the sting of watching us have service for FREE. LOL!!Feels so good to work towards independence from their bondage.
1 - 1 of 87 Posts
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