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Your Latest Electric Bill

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I guessed 350.00 but came in with a sweet 348.60. Heh

Our bill includes sewer and water in one bill.

Sewer 23.07
Water 9.34 (how the heck did this happen? It's usually around 15-18 bucks? My yelling at the kids 30 minute showers and my dead garden?)
Electric 309.60 :skept: A very hot hot summer!

The good news is it's going to be payed soon and another high bill next month and it's going way down from there! Hello fall!! :)

And you?
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Electric $73
Gas $27

We don't have a water/sewer bill. I was very happy with that considering we have a good sized house. Weather has been cooperative this fall.
too much work in the garage this month. Heat and air was off and it was still $365!
Ours was $84 Gas was $26.35 :)
Gas Bill - $35.70
Electric Bill - 65.70
2 Mo Water/Sewer Bill - $131.50 [thats what I get for putting in a new lawn]
I have a 1526 square foot house and the last week of September through the third week of October resulted in a gas/electricity bill of $78.67
$148 last month (mid-September to mid-October). Finally a little relief from the heatwave. (All-electric house, by the way, and I work from home, with a lot of computer equipment running all the time.)
just got the bill yesterday electric 101.94 wooo hooo gas is low right now 23.29 loving it now that the pool filter and the a/c is off no water no sewer well and septic here
81 - 87 of 87 Posts
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