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Zachary aka Potty King

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wahoo. Can I yell loud enough? Can I jump high enough? Can I clap fast enough? omg! Zachary went on the potty this evening.
He got a green star and a special trip with Gabe for a surprise.
This is BIG news for us and I am practically shouting out my front door. Hey, Zachary is the Potty King everyone! LMAO

Now my secret of what finally worked. LMAO
I sat him on the potty with a bowl of cheap scooby cereal. I let him drop cereal into the potty and sip soda as he sat. I had multi-colored stickers that I tucked into Gabe's pocket and told him if he went on the potty he got a sticker and a surprise. When he finally went, his face was so surprised. We just started a potty party right then and there. LMAO

omg, I hope we can get him on his way now that we have finally made this hurdle.
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Alright Zachary!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go Potty King!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tigger: :king3: :kcrown: :hurray: :dancing:
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