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Zachary aka Potty King

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wahoo. Can I yell loud enough? Can I jump high enough? Can I clap fast enough? omg! Zachary went on the potty this evening.
He got a green star and a special trip with Gabe for a surprise.
This is BIG news for us and I am practically shouting out my front door. Hey, Zachary is the Potty King everyone! LMAO

Now my secret of what finally worked. LMAO
I sat him on the potty with a bowl of cheap scooby cereal. I let him drop cereal into the potty and sip soda as he sat. I had multi-colored stickers that I tucked into Gabe's pocket and told him if he went on the potty he got a sticker and a surprise. When he finally went, his face was so surprised. We just started a potty party right then and there. LMAO

omg, I hope we can get him on his way now that we have finally made this hurdle.
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yay Zachary! :grwave: :yippee:

wedid the sticker reward thing here too, worked great. got a package of star stickers for a 1.99 in the office supply section at Walmart...the metallic "gold star" type ones that come in a sheet that have red, blue, green, silver, and gold in them. Each time he went potty he got a star and got to put it on his chart. for every twenty he had he got something special...a happy meal, a special trip to the "hotwheels" asile in the store, or a big sheet of his choice of stickers (most often he chose a .25 sheet from the scrapbook store i frequent), or something like that. Now he goes potty in the potty 95% of the time, except at night when we have him in pull ups. (he goes in his sleep still) otherwise he is in his undies during the day.
here is the simple chart i set up for him. I marked every 20th spot so he could tell when his special treat was comming up soon. Once he got into the habit of going potty, he stopped wanting the chart and the star stickers. :)
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